Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tips Today

"Why should a young woman?
Why are men in a relationship with girls much younger age? People may be reckless to say quickly, that it is not necessary anymore because it is definitely questionable. Yes, because younger. Younger means more interesting, more harmonious and more pleasing to the eye.
What are the factors behind the interest in adult men against women that much younger? Enchantment of what is owned by the young woman, so sometimes a gentleman willing to drop maatabatnya for them?
No pressure.
Most of the reason that they are bringing is with the younger women they feel more independent and make your life brighter. When with their wives feel like there is an obligation to be a great husband, perfect, and always took the initiative in sex. This makes them feel depressed. While the wife is still limited by a variety of old norms, so that sex was never a game that's fun.
Feel special.
Harold Sigal and David Landy, a sociologist from the University Rochaster, United States, which undertook a study on 'Radiation Beauty' concluded, that if a person associated with an attractive person, then others will see it more interesting too. In addition, people also become convinced that others will accept it better. Arm in arm with young women are attractive, by the old men are expected to boost her confidence.
Consider just as they entered the restaurant, and many eyes staring at the couple's age is much different. Strong implicit expression of pride in their fathers or grandfathers were. Perhaps other men who see him feel jealous. But is he really a special guy? Not necessarily. Importantly, in front of an audience he feels and looks special.
Not judged.
It is not unusual if middle-aged men begin experiencing sexual harassment, at least reduced ability to undertake recreational activities that. When that happens, according to Barbara Gordon, a wife may react very cruel, through the words that sarcastic, cynical, or satirical subtle but painful. Tail, the wife complained of dizziness, migraine, and other psychosomatic disorders.
How do young women face such problems? Conclusion Gordon, they are more flexible. And because sometimes they are so adventurous, they also want to try various ways to stimulate, more than wives. Or, maybe the wife has forgotten how to stimulate?
To be sure, is felt by young women better understand men. Some did not know the difference between shades of sexual interference with being lazy, tired or lack of sleep (a reason that is often spoken man). But others sometimes make it as a challenge, so he could appear as a woman who would solve the problem of a married man.
Well, if you can also behave like a young woman on top, let parents were your age, surely he will not quickly turn around and leave you ... "

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