Sunday, January 2, 2011

Smart tips to build a new spirit in the year 2011

1. Begin cleaning your own room. This is to generate enthusiasm. Morale at the start of the cleanliness of the   room nearby.
2. Begin to smile when you use a comb in the glass and say the word "spirit".
3. Try you write on a blank paper, then you record all the attainment of pride in the year 2010. (if there is and I'm sure there are).
4. Begin to greet and help people closest to you in the kitchen.
5. Begin your smile to anyone you meet on the street.
6. Establish your intention by writing what you hope in 2011 and put that hope in your room.
7. Begin to straighten and separate your clothes. This will create and train your patience.
8. Promise in your heart if you will change. When you do bad deeds, you must remember "that you will change for the better. "
9. Fit a second photo of your parents your room.
10. Promise yourself that you are going to really change ... "you say and write, date hours and years later you sign it."

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